Google GMail Tips and Tricks

As you know Google’s GMail is one of the dominant free email providers on the internet along with others like Microsoft’s Hotmail and Yahoo! Email. However, GMail is more popular in the scientific and technology field.   If you don’t have a GMail account yet, I would highly recommend that you register for one here […]

United Nations’ Definition of Cybercrime

Cybercrime spans not only state but national boundaries as well. Perhaps we should look to international organizations to provide a standard definition of the crime. At the Tenth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders, in a workshop devoted to the issues of crimes related to computer networks, cybercrime was […]

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing at least some of the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts will make your Windows 8 experience much more enjoyable. Try to memorize these top Windows 8 shortcut keys. [break][/break] 1. Press the Windows key to open the Start screen or switch to the Desktop (if open). [break][/break] 2. Press the Windows key + D will open […]

Computer Cleaning Tips

These computer cleaning tips will help you to maintain your PC clean and safe! 1. Never spray or squirt any liquid onto any computer component. If a spray is needed, spray the liquid onto a cloth and then use that cloth to rub down the component. [break][/break] 2. You can use a vacuum to suck up […]