Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Support will end July 14th, 2015

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Support will end July 14th, 2015


Will you be among the thousands of business owners who will ignore this impending deadline and will soon be panicking to keep their organization’s critical data secure?
Now is the time to develop your strategy for the future of your IT environment – before the panic sets
in and inevitable delays put your company at risk.


No Payments until July 15th, 2015

Finance your entire IT project with IDN with no monthly payments until July 15th, 2015.
The sooner you act, the better prepared your organization will be for a transition to a new server.


  • Competitive: We offer competitive rates and increased value, which allow you to conserve your cash and credit lines for other productive business expenses or emergencies.
  • Budgeting: Rather than paying for your equipment up front and not realizing the full benefits of your investment until years later, we allow you to pay for your equipment as you realize the benefits of the investment.
  • No Surprises: Since leasing is not the sole source of our company’s revenue, we don’t rely on tactics such as auto renewals, underwriting fees, application fees, termination fees, UCC filing fees, or hidden charges.
  • Service Commitment: IDN never sells their leases to a third party. We keep our lease contracts in house at our headquarters. This assures you that calls and questions are answered by an experienced staff, and that your lease terms will not be changed.
  • Flexibility: Since no two businesses are the same we do not take the cookie cutter approach to your needs. We offer many different lease alternatives and programs….We even allow customers to pay their lease off early without penalty and without paying all of the future interest!

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