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IDN offers both affordable, and high-end VOIP handsets.

Powered by Android OS, the UniFi VoIP Phones are enterprise desktop smartphones designed to seamlessly integrate into any VoIp Phone System.

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We also offer affordable VoIp systems with conventional VoIP Phones that work, like Polycom, Cisco, YeaLink, etc.

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Service and Repairs

IDN's team of experts are ready to assist you with any VoIP Phone System problem/issues that you may have.
VoIP Phone System Repair in Milwauke

Do you have phone connection problems, call quality problems, drop calls, defective devices? IDN can help!

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What Innovative Dynamic Networks offers your business is not just service, we offer a commitment to an outstanding client relationship and a high satisfaction level.


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Installation, upgrade, or maintenance of the latest VOIP/PBX phone system for your business in Racine. The Small/Medium VoIP Phone System  includes unlimited extensions, voice-mail to email, call forwarding, call session recording, call accounting, and many other features. We can also perform D- Mark extensions and communication infrastructure planning.

Furthermore, Innovative Dynamic Networks will help you with the replacement of conventional telecommunications systems – even Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) – by IP-based systems (IP PBX), Voice over IP phone systems can also be used in the local network (LAN). We can also help you with the replacement of your telephone equipment.

Depending on the company’s situation, it should also be possible to optimize fixed network, mobile telephony and roaming connection charges. By far the greatest savings can be made in companies’ business administration costs (relocation, organizational changes, productivity increase for end users). General comments on costs are usually not very meaningful. We recommend an intensive, company-internal analysis is conducted to evaluate the stated cost savings potential in converting to IP.

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For over 10 years our award wining veteran owned company Innovative Dynamic Networks has been helping businesses with their technology and communication needs. We are able to provide a solution based on your goals and budget while we guaranteed 100% satisfaction and a long lasting business relationship! Request a quote for your business phone system with no obligation!

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New Technology

Unlike in the past, it’s no longer necessary to operate separate networks for voice and data. Telephone extensions are being replaced by IP phones. Like PCs, servers and other data devices, these phones use the existing corporate data network.


Due to the standardization of the infrastructure on one network, savings are to be expected in operational and maintenance costs.

5 Star Service

IDN IT services and support have been rated 5 / 5 based on 8 testimonials from our happy clients!

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