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For over 10 years Innovative Dynamic Networks has been providing award winning IT services including VoIp/PBX Business Phone Systems in Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, Kenosha, Beloit, Chicago and surroundings.


We can also provide Phone System Support and Phone System Maitenance! If you have an existing Avaya IP Phone System, AllWorx IP Phone System, Asterisk IP PBX Phone System, 3CX Phone System, Elastix Phone System, Astra Phone System, AT&T Synapse Phone System, Cudatel Phone System, Rhino Phone System, Rockbochs Phone System, Switchvox Phone System, or any ip phone system we can help you troubleshoot and repair!


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Need Phone System Financing or Phone System Leasing?

We offer financing or leasing on your VoIp Phone System with minimal payments every months. Call Us 1.800.873.6013 with any questions!