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As you know Google’s GMail is one of the dominant free email providers on the internet along with others like Microsoft’s Hotmail and Yahoo! Email. However, GMail is more popular in the scientific and technology field.


If you don’t have a GMail account yet, I would highly recommend that you register for one here You can use all your nicknames with others like Hotmail and Yahoo but I would recommend a email. I mean when you graduate from high school and sending out resumes to potential employers, you want your email to be and not


For those who already have a GMail account, this is a great GMail Email Productivity tip that will make your day.

Say your Google GMail email is, you can use any of the email addresses listed below which will still send email to


You can put any number of dots in your gmail email address and it would still go to your primary GMail inbox.


Here is how this is helpful


1. Use this to tag and filter your emails.
So, for my school email, I use I then filter and tag my email coming to this email address.


2. Email Security
Have you wondered which of the shady sites you might have subscribed to are selling your email address? Register/subscribe using or that way you will know!


3. One Time Email address
Sometimes we have to register to sites to get to see something. This would be a great trick to filter out the emails they will send you!


If you need help setting up filters and configuring your GMail or Outlook please don’t hesitate to call us (800) 873-6013 or read more about our Computer Support Services

Have Fun!