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Data and Phone Wiring, Structured Cabling, Networking Wiring

Prevent network bottlenecks with expertly designed networks and certified cabling

The majority of networks found in typical businesses have grown organically over time with the growth of the organization. However, in all of these there comes a time when needs of the business outgrow what the network can offer. A poorly designed computer network can bring your business to a standstill and decrease productivity.

Low voltage data and structured wiring and cabling installations require knowledge of network concepts, protocols, and testing equipment. If improperly designed, your data wiring solutions physical infrastructure could be the bottleneck of your computer network.

IDN possesses the design expertise, necessary experience, and installation know-how for your structured cabling network in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Chicago, or surrounding areas. We specialize in Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, CAT6a, Indoor Wireless, Outdoor Wireless and Fiber Optic  (optical fiber) cabling installations.

Our team of computer network engineers work closely with you to produce a quality computer network optimized for performance and reliability.

Cabling Services

We also offer cable certification!

  • CAT5
  • CAT5e
  • CAT6
  • CAT6a
  • CCTV
  • Data Centers
  • Data – Voice – Video
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Intercom
  • Inter-building backbone systems – Data Voice between Buildings
  • IP Security Cameras and Surveillance
  • Rack Enclosures and Cable Management
  • Wireless Networks
  • Server Room Design and Build
  • Sound Masking
  • Wireless Distribution Systems

New/Retrofit Construction

Innovative Dynamic Networks will work together with you or your architect to design a complete structured wiring infrastructure solution for your existing business or new construction. Our engineers have designed several new/retrofit data wiring that will cover all aspects of your IT to be able to deploy; Security camera systems, access control, VOIP Phone system, wireless systems, etc.

Interpreting Cable Test Data

Selecting the appropriate communication cable for a project can be challenging. Whether you are a consultant designing an infrastructure for a major customer or an IT professional who is tasked with turning a large open area into a cubicle farm, choosing the best cable for the project can be daunting.

We are here to help you make sense of how some cable manufacturing companies provide the performance data for their products. Terms like “Average”, “Typical”, “Max” and “Guaranteed” are being used by different manufacturers to describe their cable’s performance.

Which term or terms most accurately depict the cable’s performance and, more importantly, the company’s obligation to that performance? Innovative Dynamic Networks have the answer for you in everyday terms you will understand for your computer network wiring.

Shielded Vs. Unshielded Category Cable Comparison

Fiber optic cable has become a standard component in most contemporary cable infrastructures. Its immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) make it a desirable cable medium.

Its ability to transport signals for significant distances has also earned it a place in most networks, whether they are local, wide-area or metropolitan. In fact, fiber optic cable is now run down many residential streets and brought directly to the house.

However, for many, fiber optic cable, how it works and its uses are still an elusive concept but we will be able to help you understand when to deploy it due to copper wire limitations.

Advantages of Enhanced Category 6 Cable

Not too long ago, when local area networks were being designed, each work area outlet typically consisted of one Category 3 circuit for voice and one Category 5e circuit for data. Category 3 cables consisted of four loosely twisted pairs under an overall jacket and were tested to 16 megahertz.

Category 5e cables, on the other hand, had its four pairs more tightly twisted than the Category 3 and were tested up to 100 megahertz. The design allowed for voice on one circuit and data on the other. As network equipment data rates increased and more network devices were finding their way onto the network, this design quickly became obsolete.

Companies wisely began installing all Category 5e circuits with often three or more circuits per work area outlet. Often, all circuits, including voice, were fed off of patch panels. This design allowed information technology managers to use any circuit as either a voice or a data circuit.

Overbuilding the system upfront, though it added costs to the original project, ultimately saved money since future cable additions or cable upgrades would cost significantly more after construction than during the original construction phase. By installing all Category 5e cables, they knew their infrastructure would accommodate all their network needs for a number of years and that they would be ready for the next generation of network technology coming down the road.

Though a Category 5e cable infrastructure will safely accommodate the widely used 10 and 100 megabit-per-second (Mbits/sec) Ethernet protocols, 10Base-T and 100Base-T respectively, it may not satisfy the needs of the next Ethernet protocol, gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbits/sec), also referred to as 1000Base-T. Thus, those IT managers looking to increase their network’s speed may be limited by the cable that was installed in their facility.

Though testing of the Category 5e infrastructure could determine its efficacy, the quality of both the cable and its installation could play a role in whether or not 1000Base-T will operate properly over the cable. Category 6 Cable was developed to ensure 1000Base-T performance as well as accommodate other protocols.

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