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Web Design, SEO, Android, iOS, Mobile Apps, and Software Development

Tailored for your business or non-profit organization

A professional looking, well designed website is an essential and powerful marketing tool for your business or non-profit organization.  If you are looking for a full-service web development or  web design agency,  if you are interested in building a new website from scratch, or want to improve an existing website, the professional website developers at Innovative Dynamic Networks can help.

We offer several different solutions to meet your needs with affordable website design and development services, email, web hosting, domain names, and much more. This also includes our award-winning service and customer satisfaction.

We can help develop your website and social media business profiles to let your clients and customers know where your business is located and what products and services you have to offer.

Plus, a professional looking website can drive sales leads and customers right to your store front.  Our website designers and web developers at Innovative Dynamic Networks offers affordable website design and development services. This also includes our award-winning service and solutions that are perfect for establishing and improving your online presence.

Innovative Dynamic Networks will guide you through the process of identifying your target audience and designing your web presence with your website and social media accounts to effectively reach potential customers.

We build effective, professional, affordable websites in the Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukegan, Chicago, local, nearby areas, local and worldwide.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process of improving the content of a website and its pages to match important keywords relating to the organization or business, and its products and services offered that people might be searching for on the internet. A good website design implements SEO right from the start of the development process, and less work is needed to improve the content of the web pages later.

However, if your website is not getting found when searching for relevant products and services on the internet, a more managed and assertive approach may be needed.  We offer SEO services that will help improve the listings of your website so it shows up higher in the list of search results.  We can also manage Google Ads and get your website even higher on search engine results page.


Android and iOS Mobile App & Software Development

Sometimes businesses need customized software to streamline their internal processes, improve efficiency, keep track of inventory, expiration dates, or help a customer in the aisle of a big box store. Mobile Apps are software applications designed to run specifically on mobile and handheld devices such as Android, iPhone, tablets, and other devices called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Mobile applications can connect to the internet and can also communicate and integrate wirelessly with other systems to process data.  For instance, city transit authorities uses mobile applications so their riders can find important bus route information, times, maps, and current location of the bus they are waiting for.  TV, and Radio broadcast stations use mobile apps to broadcast their station over the internet, and users can stream music and video right to their handheld mobile device.

Companies also use mobile devices and custom software to inventory product in warehouse, retail shelves, and similar applications.  Mobile applications can be designed to integrate and “talk” to a company’s current system and update information in the company databases, from a handheld, mobile device. The software developers at IDN are experienced at delivering digital solutions to meet a wide range of business and consumer needs.

In addition to website development, web design, mobile app, and custom software services, we also offer content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more for your small business or on-profit organization.  Call the professionals today at IDN to discuss your needs and ideas, and receive a free consultation and quote.

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A short design questionnaire will allow us to understand what your needs are.  Innovative Dynamic Network’s web designers will compare and analyze current design trends to help you choose the best look and feel for your website design.  We can also work with your own designs, markup, and storyboards to build and customized your website just the way you want it.

IDN  uses proven marketing strategies and we know what works well from a marketing perspective.  The research stage is all about us understanding what your needs are and who your target audience is.  If you plan on operating a storefront or online ecommerce site, this is also where we discuss products and content for your site.


Your web designer will create a design for you to review and then work with you until you are happy to sign off on it. We will make revisions until you are satisfied, and we do not start the website build until you are ready.  Please note that once the design is approved and your web project moves onto the build stage that any design changes may incur an additional charge.


Once you approve the website design,  the website will be developed and built so that it works across all different devices and screen sizes. Every website that we create is responsive and mobile device friendly.

At this stage you will need to supply the text and content for every page, and if it’s an ecommerce website, we will show you how to add categories and products to the ecommerce website, and how to accept credit and debit card payments through your live storefront.


If you already own your domain name, then we will work through the different options to recommend the best domain configuration for your project.  We can help you choose a new domain name or use an existing one that you already own.  IDN’s web developers will also let Google know to re-index the website and it’s web pages, starting its journey towards your audience. We will launch your website when you are ready, with your approval.


Our job does not end when the site or mobile app goes live. For many clients, that is where it starts! We are here to support you as much or as little as you need.  If you need any updates that you cannot or don’t want to do to your website, we will do them under our hourly support charge.

Innovative Dynamic Networks also offers website optimization, search engine optimization, (SEO) services. We try to establish a better ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing for your website.

As your business grows or changes we are available to update and keep your website and applications current.  We will help and support you at every stage of the software and web design development process.

Choose IDN to get your website or mobile apps online! Let your customers easily find your business.  Call us today at 1(262)995-1190 for a free consultation and quote.

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