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What are Mobile Apps?

A Mobile App is simply a computer program, software, or application that is written for and meant to be run on mobile devices such as Android, iOS, iPhones, tablets, smart phones and handheld devices.  Mobile apps can be written to run on the device itself, or can be written as a web-based application, and tailored to display and run on the mobile device.

There are many different practical situations where mobile apps can be quite helpful.  For instance, a city’s transit authority might develop a mobile app so that riders can look up route and fare information such as when their bus will arrive at their stop, or where the bus might be currently located in real time on the map of bus routes.  Users can purchase fares and tickets, as well as interact with the applications to find bus route information, location information, bus transfer locations, and which bus routes go where. In this case, a native mobile application is a powerful tool for transit authorities and riders alike.

Mobile Apps, mobile device applications

Mobile apps can be designed to stream news information, music, video, and can be used to deliver radio stations and stream content over the internet.  Radio stations might have a mobile app developed so they can reach listeners outside of the normal range of radio waves, or for long distances.  Mobile apps designed to be used this way can also display title and artist information for a song that is currently streaming on the device.

Mobile applications can keep track of a variety of sensors and detect physical movement or exercise and relay that data to or from wearable devices, or store information in a database connected to the web. Mobile apps can also deliver advertisements, and emergency notifications.

One practical use for mobile applications can be for calendar events and scheduling.  Calendar applications can keep track of appointments and meetings, presentation dates, and reserve meeting rooms.

We do an in-depth analysis of your needs, target audience, and specific requirements and functionality that your mobile app must have.  We can help with every stage of the tailoring and design process needed to make sure that the mobile app being designed will match the requirements, and perform its functions as specified.

Another use for mobile apps is for the use of taking product inventory in retail or warehouse environments.  A clerk can scan product bar codes to lookup information such as pricing, or quantity on hand. Mobile device applications can be tailored to integrate with your business and it’s existing IT infrastructure.

These applications be designed to “talk” with your existing databases to update quantity information for products in a warehouse, keep track of expiring products, and perform a wide variety of functions limited only to the imagination.

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