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Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO,  is the process of improving the relevance of a website by improving the content and its pages to better align with your most important keywords relating to the organization or business, and its products and services offered, so that people might be searching for on the internet can easily find you. A good website design implements SEO right from the start of the development process, and less work is needed to improve the content of the web pages later.

A compromised website is a website that might have been hacked, and malicious code may have been inserted into its pages. Outdated themes and plugins can contribute to vulnerabilities that hackers use to exploit and gain access behind the scenes.  In many cases, website owners don’t even know that their websites have been hacked or are vulnerable.  Meanwhile, the hackers could be exfiltrating or withdrawing or downloading sensitive data. It is critical to maintain a secure, safe website so these issues can be prevented so a company can maintain its listings in popular search engine results, and improve the overall SEO.

In some cases, a compromised website could redirect visitors to other websites, such as online pharmacy sites, or adult websites that may be undesirable or spread malware and viruses even more. Or, compromised websites may generate large amounts of email and spam so they may reach and infect more people with their malicious links.  If this is coming from your website, not only can your business reputation be tarnished, but your website rankings in search engines will drop and plummet sharply, and your listings could be removed.

If your website is not getting found when searching for your relevant products and services on the internet, a more managed and assertive approach may be needed.  We offer Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and Cyber Security services that will help improve the listings of your website so it shows up higher in the list of search results.  We can also manage your Google Ads account and get your website listed even higher on search engine results page.

Optimize your website so its pages load lightning fast. Let the professionals at IDN clean up your hacked website and improve its listings in search engines like Google and Bing.  Call 1(262)995-1190 today for a consultation and quote.