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The majority of networks found today in the typical business have grown organically over time with the growth of the organization. However, in all of these there comes a time when needs of the business outgrow what the network can offer. It is at this stage that the process of designing a new network starts, and the first thing that needs to take place is a network audit. A network audit answers the question: What do I have today? Once this is known only then can the requirements for the new network be defined.

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What else?

There are other benefits to doing an audit including preparation for additional network components and troubleshooting network issues. More often than not a device in a network could be deemed unfit for purpose for the role it is being asked to play, a network audit will identify this and enable the resolution of any issues that may be occurring.

Innovative Dynamic Networks can carry out a network audit for your organization, the end product being a concise report with observations, diagrams and recommendations, recommendations that form the building blocks for the future of your IT infrastructure.

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Our network audit include but is not limiting to:

Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber Testing
Routing and Switching Policies
Transmission Errors
Wide Area Network / Local Area Network
Firmware/Software Updates
Network Hardware Inspection/Replacement
Antivirus, anti-spam, malware detection
and much more!

We service the following Kenosha areas:

Camp Lake
Lake Shangrila
Paddock Lake
Pleasant Prairie
Powers Lake
Silver Lake
Twin Lakes

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